Tuesday 24th September 2019

Another full Agenda was covered with delegates ready to debate a "Green new deal", which had the handle of the longest composite meetings held in history!

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy spoke of the ambitious programme & policies the future Labour Government will deliver.

Climate and Social Justice are the priority, delivering investment in communities while improving the quality of lives of so many scorned by the purge of Tory austerity.

The climate debate which followed was passionate with Matt Wrack from FBU highlighting the future of our planet and impact on humanity was the most important debate being heard this week.

Two Motions were debated which mirrored similar ambitions with job security and an achievable timeline demanded by various delegates.

A radical programme is now endorsed to go forward.

Sue Hayman, Shadow Environment Secretary paid tribute to the thousand of school children across the UK who took to the streets last Friday, demanding climate change.

Local children who had participated spoke from the platform and received a standing ovation.

Sue advised thousand of new jobs will be created in this sector, recognising affordability is paramount when purchasing Energy Vehicles, free loans will be available for many.

In addition community car clubs will deliver a fair and inclusive policy.

Her contribution was welcomed by all.

An interruption to business by our Leader Jeremy Corbyn, made Conference aware of the decision of the Supreme Court, advising Boris Johnson's decision to shut down Parliament was indeed unlawful.

A historic moment witnessed, with delegates cheering with the likelihood a General Election being closer than we imagined.

Additional debates on Corporate Governance & the crisis in our high streets saw many delegates highlighting examples of our local communities suffering massive job losses as we have experienced in Dundee.

Business decisions must be transparent with reviews of rent and tax reform to name a few priorities.

The afternoon session was opened with 3 International speakers from South Africa, West Sahara & Mauritius. Each one spoke of their countries struggles and the importance of the Labour Party & its members remaining their ally at all times, talking of our proud reputation as internationalists, standing together in struggle.

Each speaker received a standing ovation, left with a clear message, we remain united.

Humbling contributions were made by delegates during the debate on Local Authority Cuts & Homelessness.

We are witnessing a crisis in all towns which cannot continue and the role of our local Labour Councillors was placed high on the agenda in tackling this issue which cannot and must not continue.

At 4pm our Leader addressed a packed Conference hall, laying out Labours transformative agenda, " People Before Privilege."

He recognised we are living in extraordinary and precarious times, reminding delegates we have a once in a generation chance to make real change.

A Labour Government will rebuild and transform our economy, ensuring poverty and inequality are eradicated.

Investing in the public sector, particularly social care.

The Trade Union Act will be scrapped within 100 days in office, with Day One rights.

The investment for this transformation,will be met by increasing the tax for the top 5% earners in the country and collecting the taxes from large corporate companies who must pay their dues!

The full speech is now available to all members who may have already received the link and we would encourage everyone to read or listen to what is to be delivered to transform the lives of so many who have been failed for too long by the Tory government.

It was a privilege to witness this contribution at such an important time in our Party's history and is everything we hope for in securing a future for all !

The atmosphere was electric and unity carried the hope we must now take back to our constituencies.

Should anyone be in doubt if we are ready to govern, having listed to the keynote speakers to date, we are proud to confirm we have a Shadow Cabinet and team who are talented, united and committed to social justice.

This is supported by our Leader who with the will and support or every member WILL deliver a Labour Government.

Bring it on!!

In solidarity Marion (Secretary) and Pauline (Chair)
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